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paid family caregiver and medicaid CDS participant
I have to say working with this company has been a blessing none the less. I have always been the one for years to care for my elderly mother and never thought in a million years that I could be making money while doing it. It has blessed my family in so many ways. My coordinator is amazing, she has been very professional and always there as soon as I need her. I can't thank you all enough for everything through all my family has gone through. I am blessed to be part of the team!!
Rebecca Myers Graves
14:36 13 Oct 21
If you want to work for a great in home health care company, there is none better than "Emerest Health of Missouri". Every time I have had a question about "anything", they have helped me. Their staff is super friendly and very knowledgeable and they will treat you with dignity and respect. I highly recommend them. And, let me add...not only are the people there easy to correspond with, the pay is awesome too. At $12 an hour, you can't go wrong! Give them a call, you won't regret it. Thanks Emerest!
Carol Jolliff
10:42 12 Oct 21
The process with Emerest was easy for my family member (us) and Emerest has made everything really simple and hassle-free. My family member gets the care they need and I can take care of her with peace of mind. The staff has been really personable and pleasant EVERY time I have a need or a question.
kathleen capstick
04:04 12 Oct 21
I happened upon Emerest during my search for services for my dad.Emerest not only pays a better wage than other comparable companies, but they also make it easy to sign up for the consumer needing the services.They also pay weekly which is so nice, and they do direct deposits for faster payments into the bank.I would recommend Emerest for anyone who is looking for Consumer Directed Service.
Jessica Buckmaster
00:52 12 Oct 21
Staff is efficient and friendly, very helpful with any issues that may arise. Get back with answers to your questions in timely manner. Pay is better than other places and more frequently. You receive gifts, and can you the app or phone to clock in an out. You are able to keep up with days and time. App rarely has issues very efficient. I have enjoyed my time working with them.
Cynthia George
22:16 11 Oct 21
Been working with Emerest for 4yrs. This is a Great place to work also a Great place for someone to take care of your Loved ones.. very friendly and caring place.. they're always there to answer any questions you have...very professional staff I Love it here...
Shamika Williams
19:41 11 Oct 21
I really enjoy being a part of this company. The staff i work for are friendly, and always helpful. They are very professional and personable. I would totally recommend that you think about working for and referring friends and family to work for or recommend clients to.
Jennifer Hagerman
19:17 11 Oct 21
This is the best place ever!!! They will make you feel like family. Past experience with other agencies have left me confused, sad, unclear,and anxious. I am so glad me and my loved one chose to move forward with emerest. Don't worry, if need be, everything can be done conveniently through mail and over the phone. They are professional and so very polite. Love them!!!
Michele Manes
19:16 11 Oct 21
Emerest is by far the best company. I moved my mother over to Emerest after a bad experience with another company. The service team here is so nice and are always willing to help. Thank you so much to whole Emerest team.
Kim Dority
19:15 11 Oct 21
Absolutely love working with Emerest as a CDS caregiver for my daughter! They make communication easy with weekly emails tracking our hours, using app on my cell phone to clock in/out, Tele communication, pay of $12.00 per hour is a blessing and weekly pay helps keeping up with my budget!The office staff are friendly and professional. Thank you Emerest for helping us take care of our loved ones!!Pam P.St. Louis, MO
Pam Pieper
19:11 11 Oct 21
Emerest is AMAZING! Very organized and quick with updating employees on new things. I love my weekly emails.
Tiffany Eaton
18:50 11 Oct 21
Emerest made it so easy to apply there and even tho I had technical issues signing up, Jenna was very helpful in resolutions! Very nice and friendly staff!
Debbie Osburn Durbin
18:48 11 Oct 21
Hello! Very friendly and easy process for transferring services. Very quick in responding to emails! Would recommend to family & friends!
Sierra Madison
18:47 11 Oct 21
I have had some really great experiences with Emerest. By far the best company to work for. I’ve been with them for a little over a year and they’re amazing. I would 10/10 recommend Emerest to anyone. They also do everything to fix any problems or questions you have.
Taylor Anderson
18:40 11 Oct 21
Pay is definitely better than other places I've worked doing the same thing I'm doing now. They've been helpful and informative anytime I've needed to call and there app makes clocking in & out a breeze. They also send little gifts here & there which is just really nice. I'm very happy I made the switch to this company!
Cindy Van Maele
12:46 29 May 21
This is a wonderful place to work for. They are very professional and prompt on answering questions and fixing any issues on both ends. This is definitely a place too work for. Thanks for allowing such a great experience.
NARUTO 23 Phillips
21:33 24 May 21
Easy to enroll or even change from another CDS to Emerest. Very friendly, helpful staff. Made the process easy. Weekly pay deposited to my existing bank account makes it even better.
Michelle Oler
23:12 08 May 21
So far Emerest has been good! No complications with work, pay nor distance. Jenny and Rachel have been fantastic as I learn the Emerest system.Thank you all!
Tuesday Florence
11:34 08 May 21
Great and very friendly service. Anytime I have needed assistance with a clock in or clock out adjustment, I have always been assisted in a very polite and friendly way. Great home health worker. Monthly check ins to see how everything is going. Its awesome!!
Lana Burks
21:35 07 May 21
Working as a caregiver for this agency has been a positive experience. All my work-related questions and concerns have been addressed exceptionally by the customer service agents. Flexible work schedules are an incredible perk for employees. Furthermore, you can always expect your paycheck on time. 10/10!
Angelina Q. Liggett
07:49 07 May 21
I enjoy so far my services thu EMERESTThere is some small improvements need be made I feel but like someone fromCompany to call me on my cellphone number so I talk more with them.
Southwick Emmitt
11:24 02 May 21
I really enjoy the crew. Very friendly, awesome customer service. Quick to help you with any question or concern that you may have. Emerest is a great company to be with and also work for.!!!
Jusa Lilbit
20:43 30 Apr 21
the company good i just don't like how my hrs from 39hrs to 28hrs where reduced, people are in middle of panademic and need every dollar. John Sipes
02:05 08 Apr 21
Best experience ever. They are wonderful. From the beginning to end of getting started with them and they continue to be amazing!!!! Thank you so much.
Floyd Moore
08:04 12 Mar 21
I just started working for Emerest and I already love it everyone is so nice and I feel like they have given me everything I need to transition from one agency to another with ease I recommend working here
Lakeysha Manuel
21:44 10 Mar 21
So I’m new with Emerest! They have the kindest staff I have ever met in home health. They are easy to talk to and if u have any problems, questions, or concerns they get it done quickly. I would definitely refer them to others. There manager is also great . Awesome Emerest keep up the good work!👍🏼
Antonia Lopez
18:11 08 Mar 21
Just started with Emerest today, very pleased with the service. They are VERY friendly, professional and knowledgeable! Couldn't ask for anything better!
Sharon Carson
01:01 25 Feb 21
So far the company has been good to me and my mother. We have no complaints. The switch was very easy and they communicate with you rather it be through email, phone or text. It's a good company.
Maranda Williams
17:25 21 Jan 21
Emerest is a great company. I switched from another company due to several problems. I have had a great experience with Emerest. The switch over was so easy with the help I received. I am extremely happy with this company, only wish I had known about them sooner.
Carol Wagner
00:38 20 Jan 21
Thank you to all who helped me switch over from another company! It was fast, simple and I could not be more impressed with the professionalism of the staff members that I spoke with. I appreciate the genuine kindness of those who helped me transfer over and answer my questions, especially Emerald! 😁😁😁
Kelly Davis
16:03 19 Jan 21
Love the company! So helpful, my attendant appreciates getting paid more than the previous company that I used.Software to login/logout is so easy to use. I'd suggest Emerest to anyone!
Cheryl Jonee
06:04 15 Jan 21
This was an easy and fast process. Being able to choose my own care taker was a safe and calming option. They are also always available when I need help. I think Emerest is a step above the other options.
Jana Barbour
18:59 14 Jan 21
I'm so happy with emerest they have gave me so much help so that I can do things and stay at home I have two good health care workers that take very good care of me I can call emerest for anything at anytime they help me with all my needs and I just want to say how great they are!
Pamela Elliott
15:42 14 Jan 21
I have a great experience with this company. I switched over from another company that was not so easy to work with. Emerest made the transition so easy! They had all the paperwork prepared and walked me through everything in a short amount of time. Their clock in/out system is terrific. I would HIGHLY recommend them!!
Heather Vinzant
18:23 13 Jan 21
Working for Emerest is a blessing!! I love the app they have for clocking in and out! Whenever I call them, they are always kind, friendly and helpful. Thanks Emerest!!
Angela Buckner-Thompson
12:28 24 Nov 20
Emerest Staff is caring, friendly and always very helpful when reaching out. They always treat my mother with kindness and respect. Recommend this place to work for and to care for your family.
Tammy Haskins
11:38 15 Nov 20
Wonderful people to work for. Always there to help with any questions you have. Very friendly staff, love that I chose them.
Dana Hunter
02:15 15 Nov 20
I've had a great experience with this company. I switched over from another company that was not so easy to work with. Emerest made the transition so easy! They had all the paperwork prepared and walked me through everything in a short amount of time. Their clock in/out system is terrific. I would HIGHLY recommend them!!
Elizabeth Chadwell
23:53 13 Nov 20
Emerest has great service, u actually get to talk to someone who cares every time you contact them. Awesome team, very happy I decided to go with them..
Leeia Howard
19:46 13 Nov 20
Since I prefer doing business online; pay bills, shopping, etc. This is the most efficient service that I have the privilege of working with. I was fed up with the paper timesheets, and phone calls to sign in/out. All you need to do is download the apps and you're ready.
Sylvie Ballard
16:53 13 Nov 20
Compared to the CDS service company I used previous Emerest has been a breath of fresh air. Higher wages. Easy to get paid. Easy clock in and out.
Amy Bryson
15:15 13 Nov 20
Star West
18:12 11 Sep 20
I highly recommend Emerest Health of Missouri.They are very nice, kind, and professional people. When you need service, they are right there, promptly.They also are available when you need them. It also helps,that they pay weekly!!! Please sign up with them, TODAY!!!!
Lynn Harvey
19:47 27 Jul 20
The advertisement that I've received wasn't believable. But after I've spoken to the person was very encouraging and promising. I was getting paid $10.00 an hour. after speaking to the director of agency I was working for, she refused even a $0.50 increase. That is when I applied to 'We Pay 12". It was unbelievable professional staff and much better Curtis, and more money in my pocket, and easier and fast help when needed.Thank you for everything ,Dr. Van, Healy
Healy Van
12:14 20 Jul 20
We changed over a few months ago, so far it has been a great experience. My CDS is happy to be getting paid more. However, the "app" doesn't work because it asks for a certificate, that we don't have (phone, haven't tried PC) when I asked for help no one got back to me, and sometimes the phone service can be a bit frustrating, hence the 4 stars. The person we are working with is really nice, and very helpful.
Staci M
15:17 14 Jul 20
I got their flyer in the mail and my nurse was looking to make a change because she wasn't making enough money to support her household. I called Emerest and got some info and they got me started with a few questions and some simple paperwork!! Great job to these guys!! I got to keep my nurse and she got the money she needed to keep working for me!! Thanks Emerest!!
Terri Dunsmore
16:46 11 Jul 20
Emerest Health is a wonderful place to work! The staff is friendly and helpful, and they never make you feel like your a bother. They are always there to answer your questions, and I can truly say that I am happy to be a part of the Emerest family. SN: Jenna is AMAZING!
Jessica Hill
16:47 07 Jul 20
Pay is great, plus weekly checks! Very easy to switch over, even mid-month. Great folks in the office ... love the online timekeeping too.
ter dust
14:12 06 Jul 20
Great company! I've been with the a company a couple months and i have no complaints whatsoever. Would definitely recommend.
Frett Less
15:54 02 Jul 20
We switched companies for a multitude of reasons, and I am so HAPPY we did. The pay is substantially more, the staff are quick to respond and helpful in every way. They are are open to text messaging, and they are always professional and polite. They give me weekly reports of the hours accrued, where our last company refused to do that, they didnt even put the hours worked on their check stubs. This company pays for every minute worked instead of docking pay by 15 minutes if you clock out 1 minute prior to your hour block. They also have a great clock in and out system that includes an app, which has been awesome!!I am very satisfied with our decision thus far!!!
Katrina Dycus
14:45 30 Jun 20
Started working for Emerest in May 2020. Absolutely LOVE the staff and the level of comfort and rapport between myself and literally EVERYONE I've talked to in the office. At my old job, every time I needed to speak with anyone in the office, I would experience massive amounts of anxiety. With Emerest, it's the complete opposite. Each time I've called, it's like calling a friend. Each representative I've spoken to has been professional AND friendly- they've taken my concerns or confusion at face value and didn't make me feel incompetent for asking things/voicing my perspective. I have come away from each call feeling the depth of their dedication to their staff and consumers.Definitely recommend 110% whether you're looking for a job or you're seeking an in-home healthcare company that represents its consumers with upfront honesty and does everything in their power to make their experience with this company good, safe, and comfortable.
Vickie Carpenter
17:07 29 Jun 20
Emerest is a wonderful company to work with if you're having any problems are questions there right there to help I would highly recommend Emirates to any of my friends or family image please keep up the great work
Florence Jackson
15:34 28 Jun 20
I have been with three consumer directed services and this has been the best one yet I truly recommend this service to anyone that is interested in consumer directed services kudos to you guys at Emerest!😀
Daniel Moore
14:43 24 Jun 20
Emerest is a fantastic team of hardworking individuals who are completely committed to their clients’ wellbeing. They have a cooperative and positive work environment which encourages the employees to collaborate and work together to complete projects. They are constantly going above and beyond to assist both caregivers and patients, and they all have extremely positive attitudes!
Caitlin Lorenz
21:45 20 Jun 20
It is such a joy to be provided service by a company that truly cares about their people and the quality of service that we receive. They genuinely care and offer supreme quality service no matter what the situation, they always handle it with a speedily and prompt response. They are Truly a blessing.
Amber Tucker
16:29 20 Jun 20
Awesome staff and very friendly! We recommend anyone in search of home healthcare to call Emerest. My Son is very happy with their services as am I.
Maria Williams
14:06 19 Jun 20
From the start of the process until the end, I have never known such kind, helpful people. They really want what is best for you. They are always friendly and ready to take your call! I just can't say enough about how much I love Emerest! God bless you all!
Sondra Bastura
22:02 15 Jun 20
Easy sign on and they give u everything u need to login way easier than any other company. I really like these people and I have helped alot of people in my life over the years these guys r #1. U wont regret the change and no head aches with them
Kimberly Gladstone
13:44 13 Jun 20
Glad I found Emerest there very professional, get stuff taken care of real quick like hiring process, and on top of it they care about there employees and they definitely have there employees back. Company I definitely glad to be working with. Thank you Emerest. SincerelySend From Jason Y.
Jason Hamilton
14:26 29 May 20
Really enjoy working for this company I've got that they sent them out to everybody's mail boxes so that they can get a change of a different company and a fair company that will listen to you in everything I enjoy working with older people and enjoy being with the public and helping
Lillian Miller
01:54 27 May 20
We are very grateful for Emerest. Due to Daniels serious health issues he had to move in with me because he could no longer care for himself, and with that, i had lost my job because i immediately became his full time caregiver. Emerest has allowed me to be able to continue to care for Daniel and also have an income to provide. This is giving us both peace of mind because i cant quite imagine leaving him in someone elses care while im not at home. I know he is safe. I cannot express how grateful we are.-Summer Bell
Summer Bell
00:42 24 Apr 20
Everyone has been very polite and helpful in getting me approved to care for my elderly mother. My dad passed away in January and I had to move my mom in with me and didn't even realize there was a program like this. If you are caring for an elderly loved one or need an aide I'd highly recommend this service. I can't stress enough how helpful every person there I speak with is every single time I call. Thank you guys for helping this difficult time to transition smoothly and help getting my mother qualified.
Michelle Blum
16:44 23 Apr 20
My experience with Everest has been outstanding! Easy sign-up, I always get my questions answered, and daily sign-in and sign-out system is fantastic. Employee Jenna is always there to help and is always accessible. Weekly pay is a bonus!!
Phil S
17:04 21 Apr 20
I have had a very easy time of being my daughter's caregiver with Emerest. They have been so helpful with everything I had to do to get started. They are very kind and caring.
Debbie Hutchinson
14:41 21 Apr 20
This is the best company to work with. Anytime I have a question they are there. Jenna is very friendly and always has the answers I need. My caregiver loves working through Emerest!
Kimberly Banks
01:56 06 Mar 20
I'm a client who brought my own worker. So they could get better pay. My caregiver is never invited to any event's they have in the office. One day they shorted there pay by one hour. We are not that happy with the sign in and sign out procedure that they currently have but over all they are a great company. There are things that need to worked out.
alicia austin
13:20 05 Mar 20
I have been with Emerest Home Health For About 5 months now Me n Worker Are Really Please with the Service Everyone n the Staff Are Really Nice n Any problems that we have had have got resolves very quickly which have been very few. I left a company that would always mess up my worker payroll all the time my worker have not had ANY PROBLEMS with this Company the Clock In over the phone is always up n working just fine. If you want a Good Company n A Great Staff EMEREST Is The Company FOR YOU Give them A Call U Wont Regret It!! From A Happy N Satisfied Customer ?
melba wallace
16:41 04 Mar 20
This experience has been pleasant, I will definitely recommend them for you or A loved one. Staff is very friendly and helpful when needed and always understanding. If u want less problems and no headache and weekly income, turn to Emerest and talk to Jenna or Emerald they?re the sweetest!
Markiesha Robinson
00:05 04 Mar 20
Queen Isis
22:05 03 Mar 20
I have been taking care of my sister following her stroke for the past 6 months. Everyone at Emerest has been wonderful, walking me through the entire process and answering all my questions (no matter how trivial or stupid) quickly and with no judgement. They've made the entire journey for both my sister and myself all the easier.
saltpork .
21:24 03 Mar 20
We have been very impressed with this company. My caregiver recieves payments on time and if there is a question, they are always happy to help. We recommend this company completely.
K Scott
19:32 03 Mar 20
I am so glad I switched! I worked many years for a home health care company that paid the bare minimum wage and sometimes would not pay on time. I enjoy getting paid on time and the correct amount as well. Also, every time I call the office the staff is so friendly and helpful. I am so glad I found Emerest! I will be sure to recommend this company to anyone and everyone I meet!
Mary Leach
22:30 24 Feb 20
I'm really glad my client swicthed to this company. I've been telling any & every one I know in this field to switch to this company. It's been wonderful so far.
Leo W.
01:58 11 Feb 20
Great company! Very friendly and helpful staff. Responds to all questions and concerns promptly. I'd definitely recommend their services to anyone that cares for a loved one. My son and I are very happy with our choice to switch to Emerest.
Maria Lathon
17:35 10 Feb 20
I?m so happy I made the switch. I love the flexibility and increase in pay from my previous agency.
Casey Thomas
16:35 10 Feb 20
Great customer service!! the onboarding process was super easy! Thank you Rachel!
Patty Cecena
20:46 02 Feb 20
Wow. I can not say enough positive things about this company. I have had constant trouble trying to find an in-home agency for my mom that I can trust. Customer service is the best and we are so happy.
nathalie pelletier
16:55 14 Dec 19
I love working for Emerest! Such a fun, wonderful agency with sweet people who really care for their workers and clients.
Jennifer Ferguson
17:17 11 Dec 19
I'm so happy someone told me about this company they are kind sweet and so caring. They always call and ask if you are happy with there service..are just to check and see how your doing. How many home health company do that..keep up the great work during.. Valerie W.
valerie wright
18:27 23 Oct 19
With me speaking with several of the employees at Emerest everyone seems so upbeat and courteous. Very sound when answering questions. I really believe they are a good fit for anyone's family.
Hannah Witley
14:36 23 Sep 19
My Wife and I are SO HAPPY to be a part of the Emerest team now, and are grateful to the wonderful staff for being so organized and helpful! They have made the on-boarding process incredibly easy and efficient. Special thanks to Jenna and Rachel for going the extra mile to answer all our many questions and ensure our son's care process is the best it can be. After going through several other companies in the past and not having the greatest experiences, we are so excited to join Emerest Health of Missouri and have already experienced more reliable and friendly service! Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone looking for a great Home Health Company!
Gary Phillips
01:54 20 Sep 19
Been with Emerest for about a month..super easy to switch over and they even helped with getting more hours for my client! Very professional and the website makes everything so easy! Glad I made the switch!!
23:17 21 Aug 19
I LOVE LOVE LOVE! this agency they are amazing and so professional they were quick about getting my client and myself more hours and they respond to your questions with lightening speed either by email or over the phone the whole office is polite and welcoming. Emerald is the attendant that helped me she is a beam of light with an infectious upbeat attitude.
BreAnna Cash
16:26 09 Aug 19
They have been very responsive with my questions when trying to understand their services. Staff has always been polite and very professional. I have been impressed with the time frames of service start dates as well.
Nick Harris
18:55 31 Jul 19

Am I eligible for CDS?

Am I eligible for CDS?

If you..
  • Have Medicaid
  • Live in Missouri
  • Need help with Daily Activities
You are likely eligible

Where is Emerest available?

Our services are available in EVERY COUNTY in Missouri.

Who can I hire as a caregiver?

Who can I hire as a caregiver?

  • Child
  • Relative
  • Friend
  • Neighbor
  • Parent

Program Benefits

Working Together With

About our CDS Agency

Emerest works together with Missouri’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), Home and Community Based Services Division (HCBS) to provide Consumer Directed Services (CDS) to aged and disabled Medicaid participants throughout the state of Missouri. If you live in Missouri, have Medicaid and need help with activities of daily living, your friends or family can get paid $12 an hour to care for you. Call us today at 833-We-Pay-12 and we’ll be glad to assist you!

What Is Consumer Directed Services?

CDS is a Medicaid-funded program that enables disabled or elderly people in Missouri to hire the caregiver of their choice to help with daily activities. This caregiver, or personal care attendant (PCA), can be a friend, a neighbor, or a family member other than a spouse or legal guardian. A PCA can help with daily chores or hygiene activities, including:

  • Food preparation, homemaker activities and medication assistance
  • Personal hygiene activities such as bathing or grooming
  • Mobility assistance, transportation and shopping

This service is administered by the Missouri Division of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), and is available to eligible adults over the age of 18. The goal of this program is to help participants live independently and choose someone they trust to provide them with care. Participants are responsible for hiring and managing their own attendants and partner with a CDS provider, such as Emerest, for payroll, compliance and administrative support.

Emerest currently pays caregivers the highest posted wage in the state of Missouri at $12/hour. Give us a call today to see how you can hire your loved one to facilitate the care you need.

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Interested in Switching Providers?

Switch to Emerest and start earning $12 an hour. CDS is a Medicaid-funded program that enables you to earn wages while helping a loved one with their daily activities. Enjoy benefits such as:

  • Weekly Pay and Direct Deposit
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • No Fees, Ever

Fill out this form and we'll be in touch!

Am I Eligible?

CDS is a Medicaid-funded program that enables you to hire the caregiver of your choice to help with daily activities. If you meet the below criteria you may be eligible for CDS:

  • Have Medicaid
  • Live in Missouri
  • Need help with day-to-day activities
  • Able to direct your own care

Fill out this form and we'll be in touch!

Am I Eligible?

CDS is a Medicaid-funded program that enables you to hire the caregiver of your choice to help with daily activities. If you meet the below criteria you may be eligible for CDS:

  • Have Medicaid
  • Live in Missouri
  • Need help with day-to-day activities
  • Able to direct your own care

Already have CDS? You can switch today!?

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